The Ancient Foundations of Modern Machines

Ancient China was a time full of innovation, extraordinary design and precision engineering that saw the creation of many exciting new technologies, from intricate astronomical clocks to the first seismograph for detecting earthquakes. Featuring spectacular reconstructions of these machines, this exhibition will reveal the remarkable stories behind the ingenious Ancient Chinese inventions that went on to revolutionise Europe in the late Middle Ages. With this excellent and expertly chosen selection, the exhibition will offer an insight into the innovative ideas of the ancient world, their effect on the advancement of civilisation and their influence on modern technology. By demonstrating how these complex ancient designs work, the displays will reveal their relevance to technology used today in the machines we use in our everyday lives, such as watches and cars. With an array of beautiful designs on show this engaging exhibition will delight and inspire a wide range of visitors.

Venue requirement

  • Secured indoor exhibition hall
  • Ceiling fastening capability
  • Access doorway minimum 2 meters
  • Floor size 350 – 500 sqm