The first of its kind, this breathtaking exhibition ‘Art, an Autobiography’ is a stunning journey through art history narrated by art itself – an incredible multimedia experience allowing visitors to cross continents and traverse time, it comprises of more than 100 artworks and feats of architecture, representing thousands of years of human creativity, ingenuity and skill. From ancient amphitheatres to modern masterpieces, famous maestros to lesser-known artists, the experience is the perfect balance of familiarity and discovery.

Its unique approach and dramatic use of lights, projections and theatrical effects, make this exhibition an unmissable showstopper. 



Structured around a unique narrative, this immersive exhibition provides visitors with a very different take on art history.

Instead of adopting a chronological narrative approach, the exhibition is curated based on themes rather than time in history. Must-see works of art from prehistory through to modern times are included from all disciplines, whether it be architecture, painting, sculpture or ceramics, with each topic connected not by when they were created but by why they were created.

Questions that have preoccupied minds for centuries will be explained, as the exhibition explores human creativity as an outlet for examining our existence. It reveals how art has shaped ideas surrounding the meaning of life, our place in nature, the finality of death, the afterlife and faith.

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