Diving down into the depths of the ocean, this exciting new exhibition takes visitors on a journey through this mysterious, underwater world. Using plastination – a preservation process that replaces the liquids and fats in a specimen with plastic – specimens that were previously hard to preserve and exhibit have been able to be prepared and displayed in this exhibition in striking and artist compositions.

With more than 85 of these incredible specimens on display, along with video clips and interactives, this exhibition truly immerses visitors in life beneath the waves, opening a window on life, and evolution, in the oceans. Visitors will discover the many strange and bizarre-looking creatures that live in the watery depths and delve into the fascinating stories of how scientists discovered them.

This fun and captivating exhibition will appeal to a wide range of visitors, who will be not only educated about, but inspired by, the amazing diversity of life in the oceans.


Venue requirement

  • Secured and blackout indoor exhibition hall
  • Access doorway minimum 2 meters
  • Room temperature and humility control requested
  • Floor size 500 – 1000 sqm