This delightful hands-on exhibition introduces visitors to the fascinating intricacies of mechanical moving toys, or automata as they are also known. Each of the carefully crafted moving toys in the exhibition combines technology and entertainment in its own unique way. From these meticulously constructed pieces visitors will learn all about the mechanics of moving toys.

As part of an interactive experience visitors can control the movement of the toys using buttons and look at how mechanical tools, such as gears, cams and levers, make the toys move. At the heart of the exhibition is a captivating 30-minute theatrical display. Audiences will be enthralled as the group of large mechanic scuptures made from parts from Britain’s industrial age perform a humorous and tragic tale against a backdrop of haunting music and atmospheric lighting. Those mechanical masterpieces were produced by the visionary and sculptor-mechanic artist Eduard Bersudsky and is a unique blend of visual, performance art and hand-crafted precision engineering. In addition to the mechanical show, the exhibition will feature photographs, film footage, interactives and a hands-on workshop in which visitors can build their very own moving toy.

This fun exhibition is full of amusement, intrigue and joy and will appeal to a wide audience.


Venue requirement

  • Ceiling height 4 meters
  • Secured and blackout indoor exhibition hall
  • Floor size 500 – 1000 sqm